Inspiring story of Quickheal Antivirus(Infographic)

What is Quickheal Antivirus?

Quickheal Antivirus provides IT security for your laptops, tablets,pc, and Mac. It is an Indian Cybersecurity software company headquartered in Pune, India.

The company was formerly known as CAT Computer Services Ltd and was started as a computer service center in 1995.

The company was renamed as Quick Heal Technologies Pvt. Ltd. in 2007

Who is Kailash  Katkar?

Kailash Katkar is a chief executive officer and Cofounder of Quick heal antivirus. Quick heal antivirus leading cyber Security Company and IT security solutions provider in India.

Today, Quick heal Technologies having branches in major countries like the Middle East, the USA, Japan, and many others.

Story of Quickheal Antivirus

Today I am going to share a Quickheal Antivirus story. This is a story of Kailash Katkar who has invented quick heal antivirus. Can you believe that he is the only 10th passed and by his exploring new things attitude made him a very successful businessman?

So let’s talk about Kailash katkar he born in Satara district. His father was a helper in Philips company and his mother was a housewife. He has two siblings and they live in one bhk room.

Kailash is an elder one so everyone expects a lot from him. His financial condition was not good still he takes education in the ish medium. He even not having money to buy books and for the school fees. So somehow he completed his education up to 10th standard. Then he decided to leave education and start earning.

from childhood he gainsome technical and mechanical knowledge of repairing appliances. He got a job in the shop.

Still, he was not satisfied with his job. e started doing business of repairing electronic appliances.

One day Kailash was in he discovered a w machine i.e “Computer”  He saw this machine for the t time. But employees of the Bank not allowed to use that machine.

It was the century where computers replaced by workers. Kailash got the opportunity to repair the printers of the Times of the India office. Employees already made a mind that this printer will be of no use now.

But Kailash proves them wrong and repair the printers. And he got the chance to explore the new machine i.e Computer.

After that problem arises that is a virus that destroyed all the files of the computer.

Kailash was having only hardware knowledge. he was not aware of this term so he learned software techniques from his brother and developed software that can kill the virus and keep the files safe.

And he keeps the name of Virus killer as “Quickheal Antivirus.

the journey of quick heal antivirus started from Pune and it spread to all around the world. Now Quick heal is one of the successful multinational companies.

He started selling quick heal antivirus free of cost to his clients. He also guided customers about how to run quick heal antivirus.

later customer appreciated his efforts in his value-added service, which was free of cost. The customers gave him the advice to create antivirus software.


Quickheal Antivirus

Growth Story of Quick Heal Antivirus

Quick heal antivirus software  released in 1994. Quick Heal launched Windows 95 antivirus software in 1996 for Rs. 700 in Indian Market. Quick heal became an instant hit, Quick heal launched its own website.

In 2002 the company is having its own office in Pune and opened in 2003 his first branch in Nashik.

n 2006, the company signed a deal with Microsoft Corporation.

In 2007, Microsoft Corporation started selling Quick Heal anti-virus with Windows XP.

In 2010 Sequoia Capital, an American private equity firm invested in quick heal.

They are having 20 million customers across 112+ countries and more than 15000 employees.

The story of Kailash Kher is an inspiring story for today’s entrepreneurs. unique His inspirational story may encourage you to curve your unique idea.

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