Innovation story of smart glasses can scan 300 people at a time for Covid -19 Symptons

Smart glasses can detect 300 people at a time that means in one week it can detect more than 1 lac patient. The rising cases of coronavirus nowadays have given an alarming signal for India. In India, in earlier days the cases were found to be very few due to the unavailability of testing kits.

Because few testing kits give a few results. But Nowadays with new research and new techniques, everyone is finding a way to fight against this pandemic. Everyone is trying to develop the vaccine to fight against this virus. The whole world economy is at a standstill position.

Now India is moving towards Lockdown 6.0. Here I am going to share one interesting innovation story with you all. This innovation story may help to decrease the number of COVID patients.

Pivot and Persis company develops the smart glasses that can scan 300 people at a time.

Pivot and Persis the Mumbai based startup worked on AR (Augmented Reality) and VR(Virtual Reality). Virtual Reality is used in gaming, graphics, architecture industry & healthcare industry.

On the other hand, Augmented reality used in games like Pokemon Go, Snapchat which enhance the environment. Both technologies are revolutionary in the healthcare industry. Especially in the area of medical training and diagnosis.

Smart Glasses Virtual Reality

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They developed a smart glass that can scan 300 people at the same time. the smartglasses uses technology like Augmented reality, Thermal imaging, Artificial intelligence, Facial recognition. 

Abhijit Patil COO, Abhishek Tomar CEO, and Pankaj Raut, CTO, developed this smart glass which helps to test corona victim patients easily.

Ajanta Lens is a Mumbai based startup AR Manufacturing Smart Glasses company. They have developed a smart glass which can scan 300 people in three minutes, from three meters of distance in the crowded place

The Innovation of Ajanta TX in the Corona Pandemic

This novel corona pandemic brought a new challenge to everyone on how to live a normal life with the coronavirus. every entrepreneur, doctor, a scientist is finding a way to fight against coronavirus. Ajanta Lens used this adversity to innovate.

They launched this smart glass specifically for frontline workers like receptionist, healthcare personnel, security personnel.

CEO of Abhishekh Patil says,

 “We are working on expanding the field of view to include as many people as people. Also, the software was changed in a way that only the temperature of the eyes and the forehead is recorded, and not of the whole body.”

Collaboration with doctors and hospitals helps them to test corona pandemic patients. In fact, they are in touch with Delhi Metro Rails Corporation as well as the UP ad Haryana Government to use this product.

Right now Ajanta Lens having 2 crores annually turnover at present. Ajanta Lens also claims that the data will be secured and far away from the cyber attack.

CEO of Ajanta Lens added that “We had to sync the glasses with all the military equipment and do the coding in a way that all the data that gets collected from the glasses is locked in the hardware of the military.”

Benefits & Features :

  •  It can scan 1 lac people on a daily basis.
  •  Scan from 1-3 meters of distance.
  •  Count the number of people at a time.
  •  Detect age and gender.
  •  Scan Barcode, QR code, License Plate Scanning.
  •  Monitor social distancing.
  •  Track attendance without any contact.
  •  Identify criminals, missing citizens also.
  •  Identify people without masks.
  •  Detect emotions also.

So basically these smart glasses can be used everywhere like in office, in govt organizations even in the tourism sector also.  Detection of emotions and behavior of customers helps the tourism industry to improve its services. Hope Ajanta Lens’ innovation will get its fruitful success in this corona pandemic.

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