New Education Policy 2020 : Change in Indian Education- (Infographic)


We always complain about our education system. After 34 years new education policy 2020 announced with new rules of the education system on Wednesday 29th July 2020. But Yes, we must say 2020 year is the revolution period in Indian Education. If we see our education syllabus it is totally focused on the theoretical concept.

But now, after 34 years the NEP announced and it will come into practice from 2021 onwards.

This new education policy has more concentration on experimental learning, so this is how it will help the younger generation to get jobs, and the unemployment rate of the country may get decreased. the new education policy moving on the rail of modern education pattern.

In this article, we will discuss what exactly the NEP? what are the rules announced by NEP? And how this policy will be beneficial to the students? How this policy will succeed only time will tell, because everything depends on implementation. In this article, we have discussed the pros and cons of NEP 2020.

In the infographic, you will understand what exactly NEP 2020.

We have put together this infographic that will highlight all the major rules announced by NEP:2020

new education policy 2020

What are the Benefits of the new education policy?

This new education policy running people mad both in a positive way and a negative way, because we can see a tremendous amount of changes in the Indian education system. so let’s see both the positive & negative sides of this new policy in Indian education.

Positive impacts of  Indian education policy 

  • There won’t be any science, commerce, and humanities division after class 10th that every student needs to choose. That means if a person interested in political science but also wants to opt for science so he can have subjects like physics, science, maths, and political science.
  • 10+2 System changed to 5+3+3+4 system. There will be a special focus on vocational studies, and most attention could be given to jobs like carpentry, welding, gardening from the early stage. Most of the developed countries adopted this approach.
  • It has bee targeted that 6% of the GDP will spend on education until now 0nly 3% of GDP spend on education expenditure in India. More expenditure better will be the result.
  • After the 12th  credit transfer policy implemented.

Let’s discuss the other side also, general criticism of this policy. How this policy will have negative impacts :

Negative impacts of Indian Education Policy

  • Some political parties claim that none of the states were consulted upon for the decision of implementing this policy. It might be the absolute robbery of power from the states and centralized decision making. Whereas various non-BJP states were actually not happy with this decision.
  • Seeing from the reader’s perspective this policy was looking good only on papers. Whereas implementing on the ground-level it will require a lot of time and effort. School policy will change, teachers training need to modify. It will be a challenge for students to adjust themselves to the new environment. Now we cant say that how this reformation will succeed or not only time will say everything.
  • Earlier schooling was mandatory for the child aged between six to eighteen years. Now the education compulsory between three to eighteen years.
  • In NEP language could be the barrier. as there is already less ratio of students and teachers in India, thus introducing each subject in the mother tongue would be a problem. Because finding a competent teacher would be a problem.
  • According to NEP 2020, students willing to complete their graduation have to study for four years while one can easily get a diploma certificate after completion of 2 years this will encourage pupils to leave the course midway.


The change is always good. this change initiative took after 34 years. Even there are many drawbacks to NEP 2020, but the merits are more in number. Many believe that this change may increase the Indian education system a little bit higher. But everything depends on the implementation of this plan, only time will decide how this NEP 2020 will succeed or not? What are your thoughts on this share your views in the comment box.

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