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Free Startup Ebook

It is always said that you must have a business mind so you might get success. It is difficult to decide the success ratio before starting any business. But maybe some experience of some entrepreneurs will help you to take any decision in your business. You may find a wealth of business information and startup resources available online for entrepreneurs and startups. Most entrepreneurs share their business lessons online for free.

Here I will share the List of free ebooks that are available free and also you can download free.

  1. Connect the Dots


The best author of stay foolish and stay hungry Rashmi Bansal who is also the author of Connect the dots. This is one of the best selling books where 2,00,000 copies sold. In this novel, you can see the stories of 20 entrepreneurs how they start their business and being successful in their lives. Download the free ebook of Connect the dots.


  1. You can Win


This is a short sweet and to the point book. The author of this book is Shiv Khera. The moment when you feel low at that time for some motivation you can read this book. This book you can add in your read list to feel motivated. Download the free ebook of you can win and stay motivated.


  1. Stay Hungry and Stay Foolish


How can this book not part of your collection of best motivational entrepreneurs stories? This is a story of 25 IIM who decided to be an entrepreneur. All are from different backgrounds, fields you can find the story of them in one book. Download the free ebook of Stay hungry and stay foolish.



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